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Franke Machine Scrappage Scheme

Available until March 31st 2024

We are now offering all our customers with a machine 5 years and older a scrappage deal on your existing Franke coffee equipment (Evolution or Spectra machines).

The ageing equipment you currently have is being discontinued by our suppliers so spare parts will become increasingly difficult to access over time, along with longer lead times on these parts being delivered.

Having upgraded equipment will also bring many advantages to your business.

The key features of these newer machines are as follows:

  • The quality of milk being delivered from the machine will be of a much higher quality.
  • The overall quality of the drink being produced is to a greater standard.
  • The new machines possess a touch screen which will allow you to provide your customers with a more extensive menu.
  • A syrup station is available on request to enable this extensive menu.
  • The cleaning system is more efficient.
  • There is less downtime on these new machines due to the upgraded internal technology.

If you require more information please contact your Area Sales Manager, Key Account Manager or contact our sales team by emailing us at or phoning us at +353 1 816 0600.